Sat. December 7 - Sun. December 8 2019
Miraikan(National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)7F Innovation Hall (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Ars Electronica Festival 2019

Thu. September 5 - Sun September 8 2019
Ars Electronika Center Deep Space 8K (Lintz, AUSTRIA)

Inter BEE 2019

Wed. November 13 - Fri. November 15 2019
Makuhari Messe Hall3 (Makuhari CHIBA)


Mon. December 2 - Thu. December 5 2019
Miraikan(National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation)7F Innovation Hall (Tokyo, JAPAN)


Storytelling has been a crucial tool for creators across history. Alice and the World of Sorrow was created as a way to find a new method of storytelling that uses the latest video and audio technologies to tell a classic story that has seen different versions in all kinds of media; from novels to film, TV, stage, and opera.
(Starring Serena Motola)

Alice looks and acts like any other young female in modern Tokyo. Those sleepless nights when all you can think about is what you can’t achieve and start to give up on yourself… Sometimes it feels like this world is made up of those moments, repeating over and over. One night, as Alice was about to throw her life away, she finds an entrance to a bizarre world. It’s a world far away from the hectic city and any pressure from other people. A place where an older woman floats in the air, pushing Alice to look inside and come face to face with the sorrow hidden deep in her heart. At the end of this strange journey, Alice, once lost in her search for meaning, decides to return to the real world. In this odd little story, although sorrow may not come to an end, it is a part of what makes you who you are. We hope you’ll feel a little refreshed after taking part in this experience.


"8K x 3D x Interactive" uses Dual Projection, 8K3D on the main screen and 4K2D on the floor screen, 22.2ch surround sound, interactivity using TouchDesigner, and a virtual environment that doesn’t use any head-mounted displays to create an atmospheric storytelling experience that is the first of its kind. DENSO 3DLiDAR reads the room for the number of people and their movements, while microphones react to applause to trigger 3D images in real time. This never-before-seen storytelling experience uses the latest technology to create a world of fantasy and wonder.